About ACAMA Dojo

Session 2022-2023 begins Wednesday, September 5, everyone is welcome.


In September 1996, Marc Bachraty opens his club Gymnasium Fort Clamart.
From the beginning, forty students are practicing Aikido.
Since then, the club has continued to grow and welcome new practitioners in a studious and friendly atmosphere.

The Aikido Club Clamart resumed training at Fort Gymnasium. Since the new and old practitioners find themselves back on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings in an atmosphere full of friendliness and enthusiasm.
Martial art whose effectiveness is unanimously recognized by other disciplines and martial arts, Aikido is primarily a great opportunity to practice a sport suitable for all men and women aged 7-77 years.
Here, no competition! Progress and technical merit of practitioners to evaluate As Degrees passages. Internships provide ongoing training and constant updating of practice.
In this way, everyone - at their own pace - improves physical performance by practicing techniques imbued with the philosophy and wisdom of Japanese arts. Aikido is an art of well-being!
Search the pure gesture, improve relations with others and with their environment, developing happiness and self-confidence is what aikido offers! To do this, simply go to the Fort Gymnasium for a test session. All practitioners of the club warmly welcome.